About Us

Decorì is a range of cake ingredients, decorations and accessories established in 1998 by the Lo Conte group to provide its consumers with easy-to-use tools and top quality ingredients to simply and quickly make traditional cakes, small pastries and aromatic liqueurs.


Decorì products cater to all decorative needs, satisfy the most gluttonous palates and allow anyone, including housekeepers young and old, to create their own cakes at home.

Our main characteristic is certainly the variety of the wide range of products we offer, from creams and flavourings to raising agents and accessories, for everyone who loves experimenting in the kitchen.

Since the end of 2011, our product range has been even further enhanced by a series of ingredients specially for Cake Design!



Each product in the Decorì range is selected, examined and tested before being placed on the market, in line with all relevant hygiene and ethical requirements, and covered by a 24-month guarantee.

Decorì is attentive to the needs of all. This is why we offer an extensive range of gluten-free ingredients to allow people with coeliac disease to also enjoy desserts in full confidence.

Decorì consults its consumers to offer quality and innovation, as well as practical advice and recipes from the world of confectionary. Because everyone can do wonders in the kitchen!