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The Farine Magiche range of products combines the traditional genuine production techniques with innovation.


Lo Conte has always been synonymous with high quality speciality flours, an unrivalled position achieved through a wise blend of faithful respect for tradition and continuous innovation. Innovation is a strength that has been consolidated through a cutting-edge research centre for the breaking down and recombining of cereals and the study of special intolerances. The group has developed international patents for the detoxification of gluten, which have become a source of Italian pride around the world. These innovations allow people suffering from celiac disease to enjoy the same pasta, bread and cakes as everyone else.

The brand name “Farine magiche” encapsulates the promise of perfect results, which can be achieved almost “by magic”, even by less expert hands. This assurance has covered much ground since 1975, when Lo Conte first diversified the sector, shifting the profile of flour from a commodity to a product for specific use, including domestic use. The group was also the first to give importance to packaging, abandoning traditional paper bags for film-wrapped packaging designed to resist moisture on worktops, with attractive pictures, bright colours, resealable and with a shelf life of over 24 months, compared to 12 months for competing products.

Lo Conte has equipped its modern factories with technologies that are unique in Europe, confirming its role as a privileged player, both for large-scale retail and the world of professional baking. Through its Molino di Vigevano brand, it distributes the know-how of the best Italian tradition throughout the world for making pizzas, breads and special cakes.